Sunday, June 16, 2013

Long Before

It's weird to see how things play out or how they were in the works long before they ever really happen. This weekend made me realize another one of those crazy things... another thing God worked out/prepared for me YEARS before I ever even moved here.

Mannnnnnyyyyyy many moons ago, before I was ever even a Catholic I came to visit a very dear friend of mine who was living in Charlotte at the time. She was Catholic, and I would like to say I was considering it at the time but I'm not even sure that I was. Anyway, she was dying to go to Adoration and took me the most adorable little chapel I ever did see (from the outside anyway.) Now being the non catholic catholic at the time, Adoration 100% freaked me out... don't ask me why but it just DID!! (I find this funny now as well, because I adore adoration now...) anyway, I refused to go in with her and sat in the car, like if i went in, somehow God would get his way and make me Catholic a whole lot sooner... (God always gets his way, I just needed to put up a fair fight.) I think towards the end of her time in adoration I was beginning to get a little antsy sitting in the car (because you know I was in there MAYBE 10 min...) so I went in, but just for a minute so I could be like, "ok LET'S GO ALREADY!! that's what I remember from that. But I 100% remembered that little chapel...

fast forward to now... living in Charlotte, total Catholic girl that I am now. I was so petrified to look for a new parish... You see I had my "family" I had "my church." When I finally let go of the idea of finding a church identical to the one in Miami (which is impossible) I think I opened myself up to find a new place. I stumbled upon a few places, and just wasn't feeling it. I finally found Saint. Matthews but to be honest even though I registered and have claimed it as my new church I still wasn't 100% on it...

enter this weekend... My friend (the one who lived here back in the day, but doesn't anymore) was in town for a wedding I was going to this weekend. (side note: what a FUN wedding... I'd especially like to thank  the bride and groom for the lovely parting gift of my pounding head today ;p ) anyway we got to talking and I brought up that tiny little adoration chapel we went to (ok she went to) way back when. We thought for awhile and she named a few places and I was like, "nahhhh" that wasn't it... she even named Saint. Matthews and I told her, "your crazy I go to church there, there is NO way it's there, I would have seen it." We thought some more and came up blank... 

To make this story shorter it turns out that little adoration chapel I went to YEARS ago, before I even became a Catholic is in fact at SAINT.MATTHEWS!! I went to mass this evening, and drove behind the big new building that houses the church now (that must have just been built since that time) and there it was... that tiny little adoration chapel... and it sent chills right up and down my spine. At that moment I knew I was home... I knew that I didn't need to question my decision to join THIS parish anymore.

So long before I even moved here, HE knew... He had already prepared this parish for me years ago... before I was even a part of the big Catholic family.

that kind of blows my mind, and makes me smile so incredibly big :D

it makes me stop and wonder what he could be doing RIGHT NOW that I will figure out later on in my life he was setting up for my good :)

until next time:

God Bless,
Purposefully Chosen


  1. What a cool story! It's so amazing how God is always working everything together for our good. I love how He is showing himself faithful in your life.

    1. i'm still in utter shock over the whole thing. He is SO good!


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